I have changed my topic of Genius Hour (Poveglia) to knitting because there was not enough information on the topic as I thought that there would be because it's not a very known island. I have never tried knitting before in my life but I had been watching my grandmother and my other aunts knit. Even though I have never knitted before, I still like it and want to try it and make something for myself like a scarf or something. I have been researching on how to knit and watched many videos as well. I was very shocked of how they knit because when I used to watch my grandmother knit, she used to do it really quickly and I thought it was just a piece of cake, but I now find it a bit of challenging. I like that, its a challenge for me, so now I have a new goal which is to learn how to knit like my grandmother used to. Also when I used to watch my grandmother and my aunts knit, what I noticed was that they could knit even without looking. 
                                    So far I am not gaining much of the information like why did the doctor torture the patients, what does the dead patients want? Although while I was doing this research, my perspectives changed a lot. I used to get scared at nights, but I never truly believed in ghosts or spirits. I thought everybody just said that ghosts actually exist, but no one had any evidence to prove it. After researching about Poveglia, the haunted island. I learned that spirits existed because so many people died unhappily and a lot of wars took place their as well. So, probably all of those dead unhappy people became ghosts/ spirits. The island is out of bounds because whoever went there was either dead or mentally shocked. With all of that researching, I think there’s probably spirits living there.




                              The career that I chose is as a Fashion Designer. Fashion designers work on the design of items, clothing and fashion ranges. Some may focus completely on one specialist area, such as sport wear, children wear, footwear or accessories. You have to be very organized and up- to- date. Also you need confidence, individuality, creativity and be able to work with others. The main responsibilities for this job is that you have to research trends in fashion, produce detailed drawings of their ideas, calculate how much material is needed and have a creative eye for colors  For this job, some travel frequently and most work 9 to 10 hours a day, weekend work is common. Most fashion designers earn between $ 20.000 to $ 80,000 a year. Designers at the top of their profession can earn over $ 100,000 a year.  Most designers have a degree, diploma or certificate.

                                    I am interested in this career because I have always liked to try doing something new and fashionable, like, I always try to style my clothes in a unique and a fashion trendy way. Also I can use old clothing to try making something new out of it, which I like. I think I am suitable for this career because I am a creative thinker and good with colors as well, for the personality I am confident, individualistic but I could also work with others and I can be up- to- date with fashion trends.

                        What concerns me about this career is that there are some things that I wouldn't be able to handle like, quickly choosing right things at the right time, able to work in a short limited time, able to work in an unscheduled time and work all weekend for full time. I see myself not pursuing in this career because first you have to deal with a lot of stress and anxiety and still work with full focus. Second, working in the weekends and in the week with stress will not work for me because I am a family person so I like to spend most time with friends and family and also I am a spiritual person as well and I have to give myself the most time and work in a peaceful and a happy environment to gain success and live a happy life. 


                       So far my experience in genius hour has been pretty good. I am researching on an unknown island called poveglia. First I was kind of afraid to research about this island because it is said to be haunted and also has a violent history, but later on I found it interesting to find more about. I chose this area for genius hour because last year one of my friends told me about this and I found it really interesting to search about and I was wishing to know more about it later on. In this research I hope to gain some explanations about the island and why it is what it is known as today. First, when I wanted to research on this project I did not knew the name of the island, all I knew was that it was haunted, filled with bones and out of bounds. So I just tried putting different types of names like (haunted island, spooky island, Unknown Island) to look for the picture that my friend showed me of the island. When I finally found the picture that I was looking for, I researched on websites like (atlas obscura, Wikipedia) for information.

                       When I researched and found the information. I found out that the island Is haunted because there used to be a hospital where this mad doctor used to torture and kill it’s patients and also because there had been a lot of small wars happening there, so there’s probably a lot of people that died. On the other side the island is very beautiful and creatively architectured as well.


                     I had the opportunity to experience both types of ways for learning in Canada and in India . I was born in India so I spent my learning from kindergarten to the starting of sixth grade. On behalf of my experience both of the types were great in their own way. I would say that both ways will work for anyone but it has to be a specific brain. It was a huge change for me when I came into Canada and learning how this education worked. It was a big change for me because India's education type was very complicated then Canada's type. In India I thought that we weren't really studying the the stuff we should be learning in that grade , we were actually made to get ready for the next grade. Also what I determined in Indian teachers that there were not many who could be able to connect with I'ts class and try to understand every student in the classroom, over that  we were actually just forced to do what the teacher asks you to and we were not really shown a kind attitude from the teacher to help us or be supportive. In Canada I found a great learning type, I mean teachers here are so understanding and helpful that encourages us to work hard and I felt that I was very blessed to study in such a positive environment.  To be honest I am not the smarty pant out there or neither I am naturally a genius, so I needed someone to support me and encourage me, but I was physically, emotionally and mentally hurt because I could not understand anything in the classroom and I used to be made embarrassed everyday at school, which really took me down alot and then I got in depression and I started stressing alot . Teachers behaving badly, you getting lower grade and you getting embarrassed at school in front of all of your peers was just a normal thing for everyone. i used to get very creative with my learning , I always want It to know the (why) behind everything and I used to only earn from there, but we always had to go quikely so I was not very supportive in that. In Canadian learning I believe that should include more doing and moving into studying and also there should be more space the way they teach so the student don't fell discomfited in any way.
                 My name is Neeraj. I was born in India (Punjab) but now I live in Canada  I go to L.A Matheson and I am in grade 10. I am tall, I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I like meeting new people, I am a very moody person so my moods change all the time. I love nature and I believe that greenery is very crucial for this World.

                       I believe that  life is what you make it, so if your in a place where you do not want to be, then it's your own fault . I have a big family, and I love my family more then anything and I am also very protective of them. I love to learn to play any instrument like piano, guitar, violent etc. I also like acting and I have a bit of interest in Directing or Producing. I love to fly across different countries  and locate new places. I also like adventures and making new friends . I love to discover different types of personalities and actually get t0 know them better and find their abilities, talents and how they work out things. I personally love yoga and meditation, I really like to find my inner peace in my soul. I can pretty easily get into deeper conversations at anytime  I am a really emotional person  especially when one of my loved one's are hurt. I am so exited for Planning 10, it's like it has a very positive place in my brain. 

Despite all of this I love to have fun, scream out loud, discover, adventure, learn and like to be cheerful and kindfull.